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Aid from the Ocean

award banner: Natural & organic awards Scandinavia 2019. Best New Sustainable Product



Nofima is a leading institute for applied research within the fields of fisheries, aquaculture and food research.


Norwegian University of Science and Technology 

- Department of Biotechnology and Food Science.


SINTEF (Scientific and Industrial Research at the Norwegian Institute of Technology) is one of Europe’s largest independent research organisations. 

What do we do? 

Our objective is to offer all-natural bioactive ingredients, sustainably produced, and to create a performance driven dietary supplement formulation originated from Norwegian seaweed.
SjøBjørg aims to provide a range of nutrition and wellbeing products to support a healthier lifestyle among people in the global market.


Currently, the company is exploring bioactive components found in seaweed and strives to develop further and make the most out of it in collaboration with our very competent R&D partners at NOFIMA, SINTEF including Bachelor and Master students from NTNU.​

SjøBjørg means “Ocean Aid” and derives from Icelandic and old Nordic languages that represents the essence of our corporate brand personality. The company was established on Hitra, Norway in 2016.



Our management team has more than 20 years of experience in International seaweed operations, including large scale seaweed harvesting/processing and marketing of marine bioactive components, and innovative project management.

"Increases my energy level and wellbeing"

- Susan (62)


"After starting daily intake of SJØBJØRG'S ALGAE CAPSULES, my energy level has increased and the periods of fatigue have shortened. Can safely recommend the product to everyone " 
- Regards, MS-affected (59)

"My sugar cravings have disappeared"

- Sandra (18) 

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