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My story


"I believe seaweed 
is great 
source of 
that benefits
our overall wellbeing" 
My Story

Most part of my life I have been living in coastal areas. No wonder that the beach is my favourite place to renew myself. For me, seaweed is a big part of my own wellbeing. I have had it as a part of my supplement through the years. My absolutely favourite is to take a rejuvenating seaweed bath, I just love it.

I moved to Norway with my family in 2016. Living in this beautiful area with great nature, lots of small islands and clean water is like a dream to me. It was here the good old idea popped up once again. They say if an idea keeps coming to you, you must do something about it. So this is it, here I am. 

I have had a big interest in seaweed for many years. I have read bunch of articles and researches on the subject and discovered its diverse beneficial to our health. Therefore I have been giving seaweed to my family and friends throughout the years for their own wellbeing. It was mostly in form of meal and home made seaweedbath. Now it is time to give others the opportunity to access the seaweed, and take the production to the next level.


SjoBjorg at the coast surrounded by seaweed
This is our pilot product we started out with.
Sigurbjörg Daníelsdóttir
founder of SjøBjørg
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