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SjøBjørg means “Ocean Aid” and derives from Icelandic and old Nordic languages that represents the essence of our corporate brand personality. The company was established on Hitra, Norway in 2016. Our management team has more than 15 years of experience in International seaweed operations, including large scale seaweed harvesting/processing and marketing of marine bioactive components.

Our objective is to offer all-natural bioactive ingredients, sustainably produced, and to create a performance driven dietary supplement formulation originated from Norwegian seaweed. SjøBjørg aims to provide a range of nutrition and wellbeing products to support a healthier lifestyle among people in the global market.


Currently, the company is exploring bioactive components found in seaweed and strives to develop further and make the most out of it in collaboration with our very competent R&D partners at SINTEF including Bachelor and Master students from NTNU.


The outcome of collaboration will be an advanced product solution (to be launched in 2020), containing brown-based seaweed lipids (omega-3) that will be adapted to different consumer groups and is believed to have a real competitive advantage in the global market. The project is financed by “Regionale Forskningsfond Midt-Norge” (RFF Midt).


Furthermore, we are excited to introduce three new products to be launched in the spring of 2019. These products will be presented in the global market offering a formulation specifically for vegans and vegetarians.


SjøBjørg received its first financial support “kick-off” from the municipality of Hitra, Norway, which was an important acknowledgment for the company, resulting in further exploration of the business. In 2018 SjøBjørg received a grant from Innovation Norway for commercializing the business idea and seeking investors. In December 2018 we had the opportunity to participate in Connect Springbrett, arranged by Connect Trøndelag. This turned out to be a great experience, where we were able to present our business case and received valuable advice from a very skilled panel.


We are very grateful for all the support SjøBjørg has received in the start-up phase and we are excited to continue further with ongoing growth and launch of new products to a lucrative global market.   Currently, the company is exploring strategic and financial alternatives, such as equity funding or any other source of funding in order to generate a strong fundamental basis in the long-term development and implementation of its business goals.

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